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Visiting Nairobi’s most innovative tech hub and digital agency

Digital team on roof of Nendo office in Nairobi. Photo by June Ondeng.

My colleagues and I on the roof of the Nendo office in Nairobi. Photo by June Ondeng.

“As a tech scene, no one can rival us. South Africa is doing a good job though.”

Benson Mutahi said this to me with a mocking smile, trying to spark a national rivalry. It was March and we were at the iHub – an innovation hub and hacker space for the technology community in Nairobi. With me were three colleagues, as well as five digital marketing interns we brought together from Zimbabwe, Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia and Mauritius to do user research.

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Architecture in Nairobi


I went to Nairobi for the first time earlier this year. The first the thing I noticed were the grim outlines of the Marabou Storks. The second thing I noticed were the blue windows.

I don’t know if it’s custom tinted glass or whether the local factory is still working towards transparency.  But I haven’t seen windows like these before.

I always like to see iconic styles emerge that aren’t linked to tradition. If it proliferates, I think these windows could become a defining feature of Nairobi.