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DASO poster: results may vary

The DA Students Organisation released a campaign poster yesterday showing a topless black woman and white man in a loving embrace. It has provoked a huge response on Facebook and Twitter.

If you take the time to read through the Facebook comments, the way South Africans respond differently to the same image is quite interesting.

We can roughly divide the response into four categories:

  1. It’s cheesy and belongs in the 90s
  2. Its simplistic portrayal of race relations is offensive
  3. It’s beautiful, we need more of this
  4. It’s repulsive, you’ve lost my vote

Reaction number 4 might even be desirable for the DA. Perhaps it’s part of a plan to shake off some of the conservative supporters the DA gained since the VF+ and NP’s decline

I generated the word cloud above to show the most commonly used words in the 890 comments people have posted since yesterday.  Below are three parodies that I’ve whipped up, enjoy.

DASO poster parody

DASO poster parody

DASO poster parody