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Why aren’t there posters of South African TV shows?



I was browsing eBay the other night looking for posters of TV shows I liked as a kid. But I realized that what I was looking at wasn’t what I really wanted to buy: posters of South African TV shows.

I did a Google search and couldn’t find any. But why would I expect to find it for sale? The SABC wouldn’t sell merchandise of its shows and private printers wouldn’t have the high resolution images needed to make a poster.

So what’s the solution?

We get local illustrators to create new posters of iconic South African TV shows. It could be done like the posters of Cape Town landmarks that 10and5 curated last year. Each illustrator has free reign to pick their favourite local show and design a poster for it. The Minimal Movie Posters style might be a good point of reference.

The first collection could be of TV shows. After that they can do classics of other art forms such as novels and plays. I wouldn’t mind owning a People are living there, Toorberg or Siener in die suburbs poster.

What posters would you like to see?



Architecture in Nairobi


I went to Nairobi for the first time earlier this year. The first the thing I noticed were the grim outlines of the Marabou Storks. The second thing I noticed were the blue windows.

I don’t know if it’s custom tinted glass or whether the local factory is still working towards transparency.  But I haven’t seen windows like these before.

I always like to see iconic styles emerge that aren’t linked to tradition. If it proliferates, I think these windows could become a defining feature of Nairobi.

Quest for the best-looking house in Bellville

What does an iconic Bellville house look like?

I walked around one day in 2010 taking pictures of distinctive houses in the Bellville neighbourhood between Voortrekker Rd , Durban Rd , Bill Bezuidenhout Ave. and the N1.

I photographed these 23 house. Which one do you like most?